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The message I shared with the team on slack

A few months ago, I shared May was our first month of positive cash flow in 8 years at Sketchfab. I’m happy to share an even more significant milestone: September was our first profitable month! Getting there has been my main focus for the past 3 years, so I thought I would share how and why we got there, hoping it can be interesting for some, and helpful for others.

The difference between cash flow positive and breakeven

First, some practical detail on wording. Cash flow positive means that you have more cash coming in the bank than cash leaving the bank in a given month. Breakeven means that your revenues counted on a monthly basis (ie your yearly contracts only counted as single months) are greater than your costs counted on a monthly basis. You can be cash flow positive without being breakeven, in our case it was because most of our costs are paid on a monthly basis (typically salaries) while a lot of our customers pay on a yearly basis. …


alban denoyel

French entrepreneur 🇫🇷. Craftsman. Co-founder & CEO of Sketchfab, the largest platform to publish & find 3D content online.

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